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QBA exists to educate and develop Quality professionals on a journey to becoming Quality Business Leaders. We seek to develop the Quality function as a core business competency that leads to improvements every pharmaceutical company desires: increased profitability, enhanced reputation, and reliable, quality product supply to patients.

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Challenging the status quo

Our ambition is to champion a new way of thinking about the Quality role. One that is more proactive. One that creates and leads change. This will benefit companies financially, increase employee engagement, and serve patients through supply of quality medicines without disruptions.

QBA applies a practical approach to education and a mindset that includes: 

  • unlearning old habits that are holding back Quality leaders in a reactive, problem-solving role
  • learning new skills that characterizes great Quality business leaders

Our mission

Quality Business Administration’s (QBA) mission is to develop the Quality Function as a fully integrated business competency 

that protects patient health and wellbeing by ensuring reliable quality product supply, helps meet company ESG* ambitions, and enhances profitability and company reputation

by advanced education and development of leaders in Quality and other key functions to become Quality Business Leaders

The man who started it all

Anders Vinther

Anders Vinther, founder of Quality Business Administration, is a well known and respected quality leader in the pharmaceutical industry. Anders founded QBA in order to educate and develop quality experts and leaders to become better Quality Business Leaders and is currently collaborating with the University of Dublin to realize his dream of a Quality Business Leader Certification Program.

Anders has held many global senior quality leadership roles at Kronos Bio, Intarsia Therapeutics, Sanofi Pasteur, Roche and Genentech and has over 30 years of experience. (read more about Anders work history here).

Anders is also a multi-passionate entrepreneur – making good on his surname. Anders owns and operates an award-winning winery, Flying Suitcase Wines, with his partner and wife, Vikki Vinther in California. If you are ever visiting the San Carlos area, pop in for a visit to their family-friendly tasting room.


Anders Vinther founder of Quality Business Administration


The role of Quality professionals is traditionally seen as ensuring cGMP compliance. Often a significant part of the job is spent fixing issues. The reactive role relegates Quality to being a support function rather than a proactive, fully integrated and leading operations function. 

A fully integrated Quality function led by Quality Business Leaders can improve company quality and financial performance. This will also benefit patients, employees and enhance career opportunities for Quality professionals. 

Making the transition to Quality Business Leadership is neither simple nor intuitive as it is fundamentally different from how the traditional role is practiced. It requires unlearning some old habits and learning 6 new specific traits.

Developing these 6 traits is what QBA uniquely offers through advanced education, mentoring, and coaching of Quality professionals. The education includes a 10 weeks certification program accredited by TU Dublin, Ireland.

Your organization’s success is at stake

Pharma companies can no longer continue with business as usual where quality leadership is concerned. It’s time to unlearn traditional ways of performing the Quality role and learn a new approach.

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