Quality Maturity Score™️

The Quality Maturity Score™️ is a comprehensive diagnostic framework to assess leadership, engagement, competencies, communication, collaboration and the effectiveness of the PQS in your organization or company.

Quality Maturity Score™️

Going beyond cGMP

The diagnostic tool goes significantly beyond cGMP compliance assessment and is based on ICH, ISO, FDA guidance, and leading change management and quality models.

Illustration of puzzle pieces demonstrating how all the different methodologies and frameworks are evaluated in the Quality Maturity Score

How this works

The Assessment Process

Get started with the Quality Maturity Score Assessment in five easy steps

  1. Put your team together

    Gather a team of experts and leaders

  2. Explain the model

    Get everyone on the same page and ensure they understand the model

  3. Discuss & score checklist 

    Set targets, score your organization, collect comments

  4. Summarize

    Summarize score for each category; discuss comments

  5. Create improvement action plan

    Develop your action plan: what to take action on now or later, outline how to remediate 

Curious to explore the options?

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