*Please note that as of March 2024, accreditation is pending final approval. 

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Quality Business Administration Certification

The only advanced certification program of its kind for learning the necessary leadership traits to become Quality Business Leaders.

10 weeks
10 hours / week
Live online + self‑paced material

What is the QBA Certification program?

Course Overview

The QBA certification program is designed to transition Quality and other key leaders into Quality Business Leaders who make the Quality function a core company business competency.

The program develops the participants financial skills required to make quality and the quality system an engine for both quality and financial improvement; it teaches successful ways to engage senior leaders and employees across the company to take ownership for quality, and it develops patient focused, data and science decision-making weighing benefits and risks. The course aims at progressing the participants skills to master the 6 traits of successful quality business leaders.

The QBA certification program is accredited by TU Dublin* and runs over a period of 10 weeks. Each week will include a 3 hour online virtual education session taught by experienced senior industry and regulatory agency leaders and 7 hours of preparation. The last week of the course it is optional to come together in person in Dublin, Ireland.

The curriculum is built around the 6 Quality Business Leadership traits and includes theory, practical examples, cases studies, and practical application of the traits in your company. The class size will be kept small to facilitate class discussions.

Is the QBA Certification program right for you?

The QBA Certification Program is for any Pharma Operations, Quality, and Regulatory Agency leaders with an ambition to advance their career and make Quality a fully integrated function.

Master the 6 Quality Business Leadership traits

The QBA Certification program will help you master the 6 Quality Business leadership traits:

  • Visibly demonstrate responsibility for quality
  • Advocate that quality is owned by all through developing senior management partnerships
  • Engage employees to continuously improve quality
  • Make patient focused, risk-informed decisions about quality
  • Promote quality as a value-driven financial advantage 
  • Lead the path to one global quality regulatory framework 
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Depiction of learning environment for the QBA Certification program

How does it work?

The QBA certification program is a cohort-based course with live virtual classes coupled with online learning materials.  You get:

  • 10 live virtual weekly classes led by experienced senior industry and regulatory agency leaders
  • QBA Certification and accreditation from TU Dublin
  • In-person instruction: option to join the class for the last week in Dublin, Ireland
  • More than 10 course modules
  • Access to the course platform and companion community for 1 year
  • Support and mentorship from the course instructors and guides

When you become QBA certified, you will know how to... 

  • ✅  Develop comprehensive quality plans

    Using the quality system to drive company financial improvements taking into account regulations, compliance, business strategy, and financial aspects
  • ✊  Mobilize employees

    Within and outside the Quality organization to use their competencies to drive forward quality improvements
  • 📈  Leverage data, opinions, benefits, and risks 

    To make, justify, and communicate decisions which balance regulatory compliance with drug availability
  • 🚀  Lead the design of the overall company strategy

    with respect to transitioning from a culture of compliance with regulations to a holistic quality approach that delivers financial benefits

Who teaches the Quality Business Leaders Certification Program?

The QBA Certification program instruction will be led by Anders Vinther with other special industry experts and guest speakers.

  • Anders Vinther

    Lead Instructor

    Anders Vinther founder of Quality Business Administration
  • University-backed curriculum - draft

    1. Navigating Quality ownership

      The legal responsibility of QA & QP, taking Quality ownership in headwinds

    2. Leading Quality thinkers

      What we can learn from them and why they are still relevant today

    3. Quality culture

      What it is and what it isn’t; what works and what doesn’t

    4. Motivating the C-Suite

      Getting the CEO excited about quality short and long term

    5. Employee engagement

      Motivation and engaging all employees across the company to own quality and wanting to improve the quality system

    6. A Safe Space

      Creating psychologically safe environment and frameworks

    7. Quality Assurance challenges

      Making, communicating and implementing challenging patient centric QA decisions balancing benefits and risks

    8. Knowledge & risk management applied

      Real application of Knowledge Management and Quality Risk Management, operating in the grey zone

    9. Finance

      Budgets, P&L, balance sheets, and translating cGMP to $GMP

    10. Cost of Quality

      Cost of Quality models and financial risk registers

    11. Global role of Quality

      The role of Quality to ensure safe, efficacious medicines in developing and developed countries

    12. Regulatory agencies

      Working with regulatory agencies

    13. External quality

      Leading the external quality dialog

    Quality Business Leadership Certification 

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